You have just attracted into your life the most powerful manifestation and self-improvement system in the world.

Are you ready for quick amazing results that last a lifetime?
You may have heard of the Law of Attraction – that like energy attracts like energy. What this means is that you are made up of various vibrations, which is physical energy that you emit. Your thoughts, emotions and physical health/energy actually create tangible vibrations that attracts to you everything you experience. You cannot help it,
you are already a manifesting machine.

“When we have a feeling, we’re creating electrical and magnetic waves inside of our bodies that extend beyond our bodies into the world around us. Research shows that these waves extend kilometers beyond where we physically reside.” (Gregg Braden-New York Times Best Selling Author the God Code)

All of this happens at the quantum level, it goes all the way down to your cells.

So now you may be thinking, "How can I get control of that?" I am here to tell you that it is easier than you think and you can do it.

This principal is in effect all around us and is now being proven with scientific research studies. Think of it as being similar to a musical tuning fork. If you have a room full of different tuning forks, some of them are a C note thus when you strike one C not all of them all vibrate with sound.

This is the way it works for you too. When you begin thinking something, get an idea or get caught up in an emotion you begin to vibrate with that energy. Immediately you begin to attract others and things to you that match your vibration. Sounds pretty simple, right?

So let me ask you, "how is it going in your life?" Are you getting everything you do want and little of what you don't? I know I have been there. At one point my answer would have been, eh, so-so, with a wobble of my hand. Until I took the time to unlock the way it works and I discovered two powerful things. One is there is an actual formula you can use to create and uncreate things you are getting in your life. Two I am about to reveal just a couple paragraphs from now. So keep reading...

The question is then why don’t most people get what they want in life? Why is it so hard to actually use the Law of Attraction (LOA)
to create a perfect life?

Because our thoughts become things and we have between 60,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day to manage!  Each one contributing to what I call our very own attractor field. The majority of what we're thinking passes through our consciousness without us even realizing what it is. Managing those thoughts can be difficult almost impossible but do you want to know the secret...

  You also have a factory installed GPS, which I call your Internal Guidance System (IGS) and its job is to manage paying attention to your thoughts. Its job is to make sure your you focus your thoughts on what you do desire and move you away from creating things you don't desire. It’s a physical thing you can feel.

In this Art of Quantum Miracles coaching program, you will learn how to feel this IGS sensation in your body, and use it as the guide to retrain your thoughts so that you are easily, consistently creating the life you desire.

Take a look at what you’ll learn. l'll guarantee that you start to see real results like Clarity, Ease, and Confidence in manifesting the life you dream of.


Understand the spiritual reasons the law of attraction exists and how to create a new mindset that works consistently.
The course is designed to bring you into alignment with your heart's desire week after week. One Essential Key is discussed each week. You get actual practices that you do in your real daily life. So you are not just studying, you're doing it and getting personally mentored all along the away.

You will learn and master:

  • Part One Context - Why we have the Law Of Attraction
    Science is backing up that this is real. We know this is real, you’ve been excited and turned on by the idea of being a conscious creator. There’s a part of your soul that knows it’s is true but when you actually step into the illusion of this world in order to try and shift your life, it seems bigger, more complex, more challenging - and you’ve got this mind that’s convincing you that it’s not working. You set an intention, you do vision boards, visualize what you want and then still don't get what you want? WHY!?! Because you need to learn and really get how the Universe brings you the life you are having now. Understand what is in the way of having what you desire - and how to shift it immediately in the moment.
  • Part Two: Thoughts are not all equal: stop the minds games
    Learn how to use the Manifestation Formula (yep the secret formula I use and wrote about above) to create what you desire and uncreate what you don't desire. There are 4 powerful types of thought and each attracts a different reaction from the world around you. When you use this formula things work! It works because of the laws that exist but it feels like miracles and magic.
  • Part Three: Using your Internal Guidance System to find your way
    Now that you know about the types of thoughts, use your IGS to find the most energized thoughts to be thinking. Your IGS is with you, guiding you in every moment. In this course, I decode the spiritual reasons the law of attraction exists and how to create a new mindset that works. 

    Bruce Lipton, PhD wrote, in his best-seller The Biology of Belief: "Positive thoughts have a profound effect on behavior and genes but only when they are in harmony with subconscious programming ....You can control which genes are expressed by taking control of your environment and your thoughts. Epigenetics and the power of psychology and the subconscious mind show how your life and health are undeniably determined by your perceptions and beliefs."
  • Part Four: How everthing happens as a Spiral, not a straight
    line - and why this is crucial in your personal growth

    When something comes back to you - you've graduated to a new level of power. The key to my work is I will show you this, get you using it, fine-tune it, look at the results that are happening in your world, bring the results back, fine tune them again and give you the capacity to process how this works so you can figure it out for yourself in the moment.
  • Part Five: Un-creating what you're getting or
    Polishing Your Mirror

    How to look at what the Universe is reflecting back to you and easily shift it with choice. This is a key practice and unique to what I teach. It's not about visualizing and going back to life as usual. It is about creating with the Manifestation Formula and then watching and recalibrating as you go so you get what you desire and things flow more easily.
  • Part Six: The practice of musing
    This most powerful tactic can very challenging to do consciously
    but I will show you the key to making this work for you. The biggest things you have manifested already in your life you did using this simple principle and now I will teach you how to do it more often and get more of the big things you desire.

Exclusive 6 Month Mentoring Program - Live Calls with Zen
Get personal coaching in a group setting from me about real situations you are facing in your life. Support in getting down to the nitty gritty of a happy life that is perfect for you. 

Each call includes attunements to the energy state, and fast, effective mediations so you can easily generate the vibration aligned with what you want to manifest.

  • SUPPORT makes all the difference. The live coaching is key to help you understand these principles and to physically use them in the midst of coaching and community and work through and master this quantum experience.
  • Community of fellow manifestation students. Again and again I have heard that one of the most important aspects of the group calls is the other participants. By asking your questions and getting coaching, and hearing what the other students are experiencing, you will quickly master the practices.

Join me in this very special course and mentor program

You can master creating what you desire and have an extraordinary
time while doing it.


If you buy today, we’ll give you the following bonuses so you can go deeper into your Internal Guidance System to stay on course.


Power Manifestation

I have spent most of my life mastering what I am teaching you. My specialty is getting to what part of the Manifestation Formula is out of alignment and showing you how to get on track. This course teaches daily discernment through your Internal Guidance System as you're working with your thoughts, Flow vs. Force, and more about the role your thoughts play in your own reality.

$97 retail value

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Facebook Mastermind Group

One of the most powerful ways to up your manifestation power is to hear the success of others. You will get to not only see what is possible but also see others using the same techniques you are and creating amazing things.

In this program we have created a community of empowered individuals that know how to effortlessly manifest regular miracles in life to their highest potential and success. You will have fun dreaming bigger & bigger together because miracles have become the norm.

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EFT Video Tapping Sessions

Tapping – also known as EFT, is a wonderful tool for removing the uncomfortable emotions that limit our success. I've teamed with Brad Yates, internationally renowned top teacher of EFT, to provide you with the most powerful tapping that you can do. Brad appears in the film The Tapping Solution as a featured expert.

He’s given me permission to hand-pick his most powerful sessions on Money, on Relationships, on Health, on Success and give them to you as a Bonus in the course.