You can take stress, worry and anxiety out of your life forever – so you can be your best you while connecting with your inner wisdom!

We’ve all come to understand that stress is very bad for us. It causes illness, shortens our lives, keeps us on edge, worried and anxiety-ridden. We're not our best selves when we are experiencing fear, worry, overwhelm, frustration and irritation. All of these sensations are guidance that what you are thinking is not true or not going to happen. It is a completely new way of looking at the world.

Do You Have a Vision For The Life You Want to Live Instead, But Just Don’t Have The Time To Figure Out How To Get There?

We squeeze in some self-care when we have a precious hour for ourselves, but as soon as the bath empties, we get back from our run, or we step out of the Gym or Spa or Yoga Studio – blam! All the thoughts and stress come rushing back. There seems to be no way to turn it off. Sometimes it seems as if that stress is the only thing keeping us going.
How would life be different?

If you lived in a state of calm flow, trusting your wise inner guidance, easily dealing with situations as the come up?
Knowing that what you do is best for everyone involved?
What would you do if you had more time?
If you absolutely knew that you're living your purpose?

Revitalize Your Life is your opportunity to live your true self, step out of anxiety, release worry, turn your fears into desires and permanently  move into calm, relaxed flow – so you have more abundance, freedom, fun and fulfillment in your life. You'll learn the 7 Essential Keys to stepping out of stress and into a life of ease, flow and joy which is your birthright. I will give you new information and lead you through practices so that by the time the course is done your life will permanently be better.



Revitalize Your Life: Online course covers the 8 Essential Keys to Stepping Out of Stress

  • How our stress patterns gets set, how to notice when they’re happening, and how to use your IGS to releasing them.
  • Learn how to notice the thoughts that are causing your stress is the second Key.
  • The 4 Powerful Questions that you can use in any situation to move through it with calm and purpose. The key to gaining synergy, flow, synchronicities and ease.
  • The key to getting out of the worry loop.
  • The key to leting go of micromanaging, when it's safe to do so. And learn when you can't and should not, and how to keep things going smoothly.
  • The key to your time management and how to clear out your to-do list, with integrity for all involved.
  • The Key to releasing drama from your life.
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Bonus Audio

  • How to use fear to find your unexpressed desires.
  • How to understand overwhelm and/or rushing around, and move into the opening thoughts.
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$997 for 8 module online course with group coaching calls!


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You have access to the group coaching calls with Zen for as long as you want. Even months after you've completed the 7 modules, you can dial in to ask Zen your questions and receive coaching.



$997 for the 8 module online course plus unlimited group coaching calls