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Believe me, I know the pain of trying to figure out how to use your own Internal Guidance System all by yourself. I had to learn how to all alone but you do not have to. I dealt  with all the issues like forgetting to check it, getting all wrapped up in following my closing sensations, worrying, being fearful, having anxiety, being frustrated, being overwhelmed -  just to wake up and realize everything I was thinking causing these sensations was not true or not going to happen!
Learning it myself was not only super challenging, but unbelievably lonely too.

This is why I have created this amazing mentor program and made it so darned affordable. It's because I want you to get all the benefits and magic of tapping into your IGS to get this magical guidance for yourself, every single day!

This program is for you if:

You are not sure you can even feel your IGS.

You feel like you are getting nothing.

You get stuck in a closing sensation and cannot find an opening.

You go back and forth and back and forth trying to find an answer.

You are getting tired of trying but don't want to quit either.

Your mind is driving you even more crazy now.

Now that you have felt the closing you seem to be closed a lot.

You forget to use it when you should or need to.

You get guidance for little things but not for big life changing decisions.

You get guidance but don't feel comforable following it.

You are just totally ready to have your IGS working in your life.

This new program will solve these issues and much more. Take a look at what my mentorship program will do for you and how it will guarantee you start to see real results in your life immediately.
More Fun... More Happiness... More Success...



Powerful personalize coaching calls each month
Get your challenges solved on each call PLUS you will get so much value from hearing others getting
coaching too!

  • Successful people have mentors and coaches. They know that to get ahead quickly you get help. I personally coach you in group coaching calls using your IGS on your actual life questions and challenges.
  • Get answers from an expert and bypass all the painful pitfalls that come with trying to find opening thoughts to align to. I know all the tips and tricks that will have you feeling like you actually understand your IGS and are able to use it successfully.
  • All calls are recorded and in the members-only area for you to enjoy if you are unable to make a call.
  • The members area is available on your portable electronic devices so you can access and download the content while on the go!
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Step by step training on using your IGS
You will receive two lessons a month that will have you using your IGS right away!

  • You will immediately start seeing a difference in the patterns in your life, your level of confidence and how much more powerful your decisions become using your IGS.
  • Develop your Internal Guidance System (IGS).
  • Discover your life's highest purpose.
  • Rise above the chatter of the mind, and make courageous decisions based on your life's purpose.
  • Follow your "Optimal Life Blueprint," and navigate your life with confidence.
  • Act in the world with more power and integrity.
  • Work through the big issues you struggle with. (Yes, we all have them!)
  • Understand the real purpose of the Law of Attraction and learn to ALLOW.
  • Discover what your life is telling you and make choices with clarity and focus.
  • Manifest the life you desire most with more ease and flow.
  • Clearly understand what you are attracting to you, and which desires are waiting simply to be manifested.
  • Actively participate in global change by following Nature's intended path for our planet.
  • Feel secure in the fact that you are moving forward week after week using proven lessons that work.
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Special lectures that boost your success.
Just a few of the topics include money, health, love and spiritual/personal growth.

  • Let's face it, we all need help in one or more areas of our lives in particular. Each month will focus on a special topic that will move your life forward. Even if you are already having success with one of these topics you will get new insights using your IGS to expand and grow.
  • Powerful relationship advice and deeper understanding of how to create peace and harmony with almost anyone.
  • My 2 best practices for boosting your joy and happiness.
  • Amazing practices to add to your IGS tool belt so you will know how to deal with many different challenging situations in life.
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Ongoing support.
You will have help when you need it.


  • Life gets tough sometimes and you will have a place to turn. Ongoing support via email and coaching calls.
  • An amazing community of like minded people all growing together. Everyone LOVES the other participants and learns so much by listening to their questions being answered.
  • You will feel like you have friends all over the world who bring so much to your world with their challenges and successes.
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Special events and discounts just for you!
On my tools, my lectures, my live events, and more...

  • Get special access to powerful transformational teachers on coaching calls I set up just for members. Get the latest information and access to get your questions answered.
  • Amazing discounts on my live events and in depth online programs on topics such as manifestation, health, personal development and relationships.
  • Special discounts for members only on my one on one coaching sessions and intuitive readings.
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This price is only for a limited time and then the special price expires: Try it for 30 days free.

Monthly membership $97


Here's what people are saying:

Incredible! I learned so much that I began applying to my life immediately. Having an a-ha moment in regards to having desires for others, and for anyone, everyone, and everything. Holding a bubble of desire for someone else. I'll have to check to see if the bubbles are only for others, or for myself, too. I'm elated and thrilled!
D. Solomon- Education Facilitator -Canada

"This work has just been a phenomenal gift in my life... I have been on an accelerated plane ever since... I really understood the Internal Guidance System. It was the missing link for me in really being able to follow the path that was right for me and throw away all the doubt that clouds those choices you make in your day. It just makes everything so clear and concise and since I’ve been using it my life is just flowing along, so great and so many amazing things are happening".

I’d recommend it to everybody because it is just a very simple useful easy to understand tool that we all possess and the beauty of it is it’s simplicity.""

Susan isten -Novato CA

"The calls are amazing. They help shift my reality.
Everyone needs to be doing this work. I tell all my friends about it."
Ann S. Oakland - Massage therapist  

"I have been listening to the recordings on your website for the last few weeks and I want to thank you for your refreshing perspective on manifestation. I have learned much from the way you share your information and it is making a difference in my life and in the lives of the people I teach and coach. You manage to put complex subjects into easy to understand form and your patience and compassion for your students shines through on all your calls." Bruce Muzik - Manifestation coach- England  

" I am so happy that I found you. Because of your help and your work, I feel I am well and truly on my way to actually living the conscious creative life I've always wanted, in every moment."
Dr. Mikhaila Von Osborne - OMD, Seattle WA

"Things are going well in money matters and it feels that the website info on money has contributed to this opening I'm experiencing so Thank You! so much for generously contributing to my well being by placing that download onto your site!"

"Zen’s work takes complicated concepts, like quantum physics, and condenses them into lay mans terms. She makes my other spiritual practices crystal clear." Sue. Sebastopol - Author  

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Let's review what you get every month:

(2) Recorded Lectures- The 1, 2, 3 of using your IGS. Simple step by step guidance on using your Internal Gudance System. By the second month you will be amazed at how much you are using your IGS everyday in your life.

(2) Personal Practices - New meditations, embodiment exercises and personal practices each month that will help you quiet your mind, ground your energy and connect deeper with universal wisdom or your IGS.

Exclusive additional content and interviews each month that are only for our Activate Your Inner GPS Mentorship members.  Specific additional exercises designed to help you look inside to take your IGS practice deeper. These exercises will help you connect without judgment and preconceived notions. Your reflections will demonstrate visible change in you with each practice.

90 Minute Live Group Coaching Sessions - This exclusive call is ONLY for Activate Mentorship Members! No one else, not even the Art of Quantum Miracles Program Participants will be able to join. You will experience profound change in this live group setting. It is a safe environment for you to get support in your practice and for you to witness the breakthroughs in others through their questions and live coaching. If you prefer not to ask questions live, you can submit questions on our website in advance. The call is recorded so if you miss it you can listen online or download it in the members area.

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